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The facility benefits of the presence of optical microscope, gas chromatograph, several spectrometers Raman, Mass, Mossbauer, APX-Ray , and further instruments. A drill by Tecnospazio , with the main task to collect Mars soil samples for the subsequent storage and return to Earth, will have the capability to perform several soil analyses, e.

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Moreover a kit of instruments for in-situ soil samples analyses if foreseen; it is based on a dust analyser, an IR spectrometer, a thermofluorescence sensor, and a radioactivity analyser. The attention to the Red Planet is growing, in parallel with the findings of present and planned missions. In the following years the technology of Officine Galileo will carry a strong contribution to the science of Mars. The Routledge guidebook to Galileo 's dialogue. However, the book also led Galileo to stand trial with the Inquisition, in what became known as 'the greatest scandal in Christendom'.

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We have recently analysed the inks in some of the folios of Vol. This paper reports specific results obtained from the analysis of some of these propositions, which allowed to make a contribution to their chronological attribution and therefore to the solution of some historical controversies. Even in the case where the "absolute" chronological attributions could not be made on the basis of comparison with dated documents, the PIXE results provided useful information to deny or confirm the hypothesis that different propositions were written in the same or in different periods.

Recreating Galileo 's Discovery of Lunar Mountains. The question of exactly which lunar features persuaded Galileo that there were mountains on the moon has not yet been definitively answered; Galileo was famously more interested in the concepts rather than the topographic mapping in his drawings and the eventual engravings. Since the pioneering work of Ewen Whitaker on trying to identify which specific lunar-terminator features were those that Galileo identified as mountains on the moon in his observations reported in his Sidereus Nuncius Venice, , and since the important work on the sequence of Galileo 's observations by Owen Gingerich see "The Mystery of the Missing 2" in Galilaeana IX, , in which he concludes that "the Florentine bifolium sheet [with Galileo 's watercolor images] is Galileo 's source for the reworked lunar diagrams in Sidereus Nuncius" , there have been advances in lunar topographical measurements that should advance the discussion.

In particular, one of us E.

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The Japanese Kaguya spacecraft also provides modern laser-mapped topographical maps. Internet of Things with Intel Galileo. This book employs an incremental, step-by-step approach to get you familiarized with everything from the basic terms, board components, and development environments to developing real projects. Each project will demonstrate how to use specific board components and tools. Both Galileo and Galileo Gen 2 are covered in this book. What do you see in a mirror when not looking at yourself?

What goes on as a pendulum swings? Undergraduates in a science class supposed that these behaviors were obvious until their explorations exposed questions with no quick answers. While exploring materials, students researched Galileo , his trial, and its aftermath. Galileo came to life both…. The Galileo Legend as Scientific Folklore.

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Examines the various ways in which the legend of Galileo 's persecution by the Roman Catholic Church diverges from scholarly readings of the Galileo affair. Finds five distinct themes of scientific ideology in the 40 accounts examined.

Assesses the part that folklore plays in building and sustaining a professional ideology for the modern scientific…. Galileo and Music: A Family Affair. According to Viviani, Galileo 's first biographer, the scientist was an excellent keyboard and lute player. In turn Vincenzo Galilei, father of the illustrious scientist, had been one of the most influential music theorist of his age and also a great composer and virtuoso of the lute.

Galileo and his brother Michelangelo, born in , inherited Vincenzo's duel skills, both in theory and practical music: Galileo 's correspondences show indeed his competence in the music and in the lute playing; Michelagnolo, after being educated in part in Galileo 's house in Padua, transferred to Germany in Munich, where he became a court lute player.

Nevertheless, Galileo helped for the rest of his life not only his brother but also his nephews, as documented in dozen of family letters quite important to establish the central role of the music in Galileo 's everyday life, a fact almost ignored by most modern biographers.

The importance of music in Galileo 's output and life has been first outlined by the historian of sciences Stillman Drake and by the musicologist Claude Palisca. After their studies starting in the s there is a great belief that Vincenzo influenced his son Galileo , directing him towards experimentation. The aim of this paper, following the reconstruction of Galileo 's soundscape proposed by Pierluigi Petrobelli, is to reexamine the surviving historical accounts on the musical passion and talent of Galileo and his family in the several houses where they performed music in Florence, Padua, Munich, etc.

Galileo 's Telescopy and Jupiter's Tablet. A previous paper BAAS , , reported on the dramatic scene in Shakespeare's Cymbeline that features the descent of the deity Jupiter.

The paper suggested that the four ghosts circling the sleeping Posthumus denote the four Galilean moons of Jupiter. The god Jupiter commands the ghosts to lay a tablet upon the prone Posthumus, but says that its value should not be overestimated.

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  • When Posthumus wakens he notices the tablet, which he calls a "book. The mystery deepens when the Jovian gift undergoes a second metamorphosis, to "label. The message of the Olympian god indicates therefore that the book is unique even as its contents have limited value. The first property celebrates the fact that Galileo 's book is the first of its kind, and the second advises that all results except the discovery of Jupiter's moons have been reported earlier, in Hamlet. Simulation Facilities and Test Beds for Galileo.

    The Galileo System, currently under definition phase, will offer seamless global coverage, providing state-of-the-art positioning and timing services. Galileo services will include a standard service targeted at mass market users, an augmented integrity service, providing integrity warnings when fault occur and Public Regulated Services ensuring a continuity of service for the public users. Other services are under consideration SAR and integrated communications.

    Galileo will be interoperable with GPS, and will be complemented by local elements that will enhance the services for specific local users. In the frame of the Galileo definition phase, several system design and simulation facilities and test beds have been defined and developed for the coming phases of the project, respectively they are currently under development.

    These are mainly the following tools: Galileo Mission Analysis Simulator to design the Space Segment, especially to support constellation design, deployment and replacement. Galileo Service Volume Simulator to analyse the global performance requirements based on a coverage analysis for different service levels and degrades modes.

    Galileo System Simulation Facility is a sophisticated end-to-end simulation tool to assess the navigation performances for a complete variety of users under different operating conditions and different modes.

    Galileo Signal Validation Facility to evaluate signal and message structures for Galileo. This paper presents an overview on the so called "G-Facilities" and describes the use of the different system design tools during the project life cycle in order to design the system with respect to. The Declaration of Galileo Initial Services means that the Galileo satellites and ground infrastructure are now operationally ready. These signals will be highly accurate but not available all the time. In the coming years, new satellites will be launched to enlarge the Galileo constellation, which will gradually improve Galileo availability worldwide.

    The constellation is expected to be completed by when Galileo will reach full operational capacity. Europa: Initial Galileo Geological Observations. Greeley, R. Images of Europa from the Galileo spacecraft show a surface with a complex history involving tectonic deformation, impact cratering, and possible emplacement of ice-rich materials and perhaps liquids on the surface.

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    Differences in impact crater distributions suggest that some areas have been resurfaced more recently than others; Europa could experience current cryovolcanic and tectonic activity. Global-scale patterns of tectonic features suggest deformation resulting from non-synchronous rotation of Europa around Jupiter. Some regions of the lithosphere have been fractured, with icy plates separated and rotated into new positions. The dimensions of these plates suggest that the depth to liquid or mobile ice was only a few kilometers at the time of disruption. Some surfaces have also been upwarped, possibly by diapirs, cryomagmatic intrusions, or convective upwelling.

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    Modern Exploration of Galileo 's New Worlds. Four hundred years ago Galileo turned his telescope to the heavens and changed the way we view the cosmos forever. Among his discoveries in January of were four new 'stars', following Jupiter in the sky but changing their positions with respect to the giant planet every night. Galileo showed that these 'Medicean stars', as he named them, were moons orbiting Jupiter in the same manner that the Earth and planets revolve about the Sun in the Copernican theory of the solar system.

    Over the next three centuries these moons, now collectively named the Galilean satellites after their discoverer, remained tiny dots of light in astronomers' telescopes. In the latter portion of the twentieth century Galileo 's new worlds became important targets of exploration by robotic spacecraft. This paper reviews the history of this exploration through the discoveries made by the Galileo mission from to , setting the stage for on-going exploration in the new century.

    Galileo spacecraft power management and distribution system. It has been twelve years since two Voyager spacecraft began the direct route to the outer planets.

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    In October a single Galileo spacecraft started the return to Jupiter. Conceived as a simple Voyager look-alike, the Galileo power management and distribution PMAD system has undergone many iterations in configuration. Major changes to the PMAD resulted from dual spun slip ring limitations, variations in launch vehicle thrust capabilities, and launch delays.

    Lack of an adequate launch vehicle for an interplanetary mission of Galileo 's size has resulted in an extremely long flight duration. This paper provides a description of the Galileo PMAD and documents the design drivers that established the final as-built hardware. National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This dataset contains the Galileo spacecraft trajectory during the interplanetary cruise.

    Galileo 's understanding of the relationship between science and the Bible has frequently been celebrated as anticipating a modern distinction between the essentially religious nature of scripture and the claims of the natural sciences. Galileo 's reference to the remarks of Cardinal Baronius, that the Bible teaches one how to go to heaven and not how the heavens go, has been seem as emblematic of his commitment to the distinction between the Book of Nature and the Book of Scripture.