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Se estima que hay hasta 7, mexicanos en Tijuana en la lista de espera para solicitar asilo a EEUU Join the conversation. Minutes after the U. After learning Shawna's powers, Eobard told Barry they should focus on learning Shawna's limits. The following day, Eobard learned from Cisco that Hartley was let out of the meta-human prison by Cisco , much to his disappointment. Eobard later learned Shawna can't teleport in dark space, as she can only teleport to what she can see.

When Flash went after Shawna, he reminded Flash that Shawna can't teleport if the woman couldn't see, leading to Flash busting out all the lights in the tunnel. Eobard staking out with Caitlin. After Firestorm attacked Quentin Quale , Eobard tells the team letting Ronnie roam free was no longer an option. Eobard deduced the reason why Martin Stein was in control of Ronnie's body is due to simple Darwinism. Eobard and Caitlin decide to have a stakeout outside of Professor Stein's home, assuming Martin would be nearby to watch over Clarissa Stein.

While waiting for Stein, Eobard swore to Caitlin his work won't be finished until he brings Stein and Ronnie back to normal. Shortly after, Firestorm came by and the two quickly contacted Barry. While Barry and Firestorm battled, the two followed, though accidentally hit Barry as the latter fell. After learning Martin claimed the two could be separated, Eobard said it was possible, but only theoretically as splitting a human and an atom were different concepts.

Eobard figuring how to separate Ronnie and Martin without killing the two. Eobard learned that Ronnie's body was rejecting Stein, causing an exothermic reaction and a possible nuclear explosion.

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Due to the two only have hours before Firestorm's body detonates, Eobard suggested they may have to kill Firestorm. While the team were outraged of the concept, Eobard told them if Ronnie and Martin knew the consequences, they'd likely sacrifice themselves. In his time vault, Eobard pulled a hand gun and Gideon told him it was a crude weapon.

Eobard then decided to make a quantum splicer using the tachyon device, though Eobard is told it would delay his timeline. Eobard told Gideon there would be no timeline if Central City gets blown up. Cisco and Eobard built the tachyon device which is given to Barry and Caitlin to take to Firestorm. After the splicer was placed on Firestorm, Eobard tells the two to get away from Firestorm.

Eobard greeted Ronnie, thanking Ronnie for sacrificing himself to protect those around and is introduced to Martin. Eobard then did medical work on Martin, checking if the professor still had the ability to harness nuclear energy. Eobard learned Martin's unable to and reported this to the team. When Eiling attacks Ronnie, Eobard pays a visit to the general. Eiling asked Eobard to surrender Firestorm, though Eobard refused the general brought up the Flash's identity.

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While conversing with Martin, Eobard spiked the professor's drink. Eobard claimed to the team he was left helpless when Eiling came by to take Martin. In search for Martin, the team used Ronnie as the two are still connected and Eobard convinced them both to use the quantum splicer to merge against, but this time accept the balance they successfully became more stable as Firestorm. Fixing another obstacle, Reverse-Flash later abducts Eiling from a military office to Grodd's home in the sewers, and revealed himself to Eiling.

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Unmasking himself, Eobard told Eiling that he protects metahumans his own kind and unleashed Grodd both to silence Eiling, and for vengeance for what the general did to Grodd years before. Eobard and Cisco pass the time at S. Labs watching old Buster Keaton movies. Cisco was shocked of never seen this before, while Eobard sarcastically remarked "must have been before my time" and approved Cisco's request to make a list of movies to see.

However, Eobard also reminded Cisco of Dante Ramon 's birthday party but Cisco decided the best thing was to not go at all, remarking how things had been much better since Cisco stopped seeing Dante. Though Eobard is saddened to learn Cisco was still on bad terms with the Ramon family, they were distracted by an alert of a break in at the Central City Morgue , though Eobard gets confused as to why anyone would rob a morgue.

Original Timeline: When Barry returns, they all find out that Mark Mardon is the killer and on a vendetta to avenge Clyde; Eobard deduced Mark was affected by the particle accelerator the same way Clyde was. Eobard says it could've been a speed mirage or an illusion. Eobard then told he would further investigate this after Mark is taken in, though Eobard seemed to be aware that Barry saw a future version of himself. A couple days later, Caitlin took Eobard to Jitters for a coffee. When Caitlin insisted they enjoy their drinks at Jitters, Eobard reluctantly agreed yet noticed Caitlin acting nervous around him.

While talking, Eobard realized that Caitlin was trying to keep him distracted and away from S.

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  4. Eobard suggested they could adjust the S. Labs satellite to possibly pick up a storm to help catch Mark. When Eobard told Caitlin, they should go to S. Labs to alert Cisco, Caitlin turned around to get their coffee's in to go cups but Eobard now sure Caitlin was distracting him takes off, leaving behind his wheelchair and revealing his deception to Caitlin. When Cisco had just discovered a hologram was used the night they "trapped" the Reverse-Flash, Eobard reveals his true identity to Cisco.

    Eobard revealed to Cisco his original intent was to kill the child Barry and not Nora, and revealed that he'd only been training Barry as a means to an end, as Barry's speed was the key to returning to his time. Eobard told Cisco nothing would stop him from returning to his home, though Cisco offered help. Eobard noted Cisco to be smart, but not smart enough to bring him back to his time.

    Current Timeline: Barry stopped after running, confusing Eobard and Cisco and reminded Barry to get to the morgue but Barry claimed to have been there yesterday, confusing them both. When Barry returned, they're all told that Mark is the killer and on a vendetta to avenge Clyde and Eobard deduced Mark was affected by the particle accelerator the same way Clyde was. However, Barry finished Eobard's sentence and correctly guessed almost every word Cisco and Caitlin were about to say to each other before they did. With this, Eobard realized that Barry had in fact time traveled. After learning Barry had traveled back one day, Eobard stressed the importance of keeping history intact which meant not telling him and tells Barry to repeat the events of the day again without and to not tell anyone or alter anything.

    Eobard checked in with Gideon but is assured the future remained in tact. Barry, however, ignoring Eobard's advice and went and captured Mark anyway before Mardon could commit these crimes.

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    Eobard had Barry run on the treadmill in an attempt to re-create the conditions that allowed Barry to time travel in the first place, but even his highest speeds couldn't achieve it.