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A2 someone who plays a musical instrument.

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See also cassette player. CD player. Translations of player in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. Browse play truant idiom. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

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Image credits. Word of the Day tempura. Blog Learning Synonyms November 27, Read More. New Words laughter club. November 25, To top. English—Russian Translations. Get our free widgets. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Dictionary apps. It could be said that my whole lifestyle is a preparation. I read a lot and tend to memorize interesting things, and in addition to that I play quiz games off-screen a lot - mostly competitive version of What? I'd say that Russian Jeopardy, especially these anniversary games, has questions a little bit tougher that usual game of US Jeopardy or maybe our players are just weaker :.

In first two games of the tournament, I was consistently first on the buzzer, but in the semifinals and second half of the finals, I was beaten badly and only luck on final questions helped me to win. So this percentage varies from game to game. I have not received it yet : But it's not a big sum, less than my monthly salary. US Jeopardy has much higher prizes. This is awesome. I love that Jeopardy is able to bridge some cultural divides. Do you think that there would be a fair and interesting way to create an international Jeopardy? The game should be played in one or another language, so it will not be exactly fair until the whole world speaks one language : But international Jeopardy in English could work now if we don't invite James.

I'd love to participate in such a tournament. I know that International Jeopardy happened at least thrice, since 3 players from my country participated in it:. Usually, yes.

There was a short period when contestants were wearing regular clothes, but probably for the sake of tradition the robes returned. Legend says that in the 90s, our knowledgeable people usually didn't have clothes fashionable enough, and that's why the robes were introduced in the first place. Initially, they were accompanied by an academic hat! Congrats on the win! How different is it to get on the show in Russia compared to in the US? First, online test, then live audition, where you need to play a mock game not necessarily to win it, but to show that you will be an interesting competitor.

I did the test in , and it was not online, but via phone call :. I don't watch a lot of anime nowadays, but watching anime certainly helped me to learn something about Japan and to memorize some Japanese words.

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So interesting. Congrats on winning the tournament. I love Russia I've never been there and am fascinated by the country. Hope to go some day. Very cool that Russia has Jeopardy. How much money do you win there?

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Are the questions about the same? Do they tend to be about Russia or do they have more of an international mix? Is Jeopardy as popular in Russia as it is in the U. Is getting on the show hard, as it is here in the U. Not a lot of money, as I pointed out in other comments.

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Similar amounts, but in rubles instead of dollars. Questions are about the same. There are obviously some differences. I'd say we have more of "puzzler" type questions, especially on daily doubles here I use a termin by Ken Jennings, from his book "Brainiac". And we don't answer in form of a question!

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For some reason, this doesn't work well in Russian. Obviously, there are many questions about Russia, Russian history and culture. But there many "international" questions too!


One point which I want to mention: the demographic of the viewers is quite similar to the US, there are a lot of older viewers, who were born and raised in the USSR. That's why there are a lot of questions on Soviet history, Soviet songs, Soviet cinema. I was 5 years old when USSR collapsed, so I'm not very good in these topics and often annoyed when it appears :. Can't say for sure, but probably quite as popular. Everyone knows what the show is, not everyone watches it.