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He later dies in police custody.

Campbell also promises to let Freddie and Ada leave the city, although he later states to Sergeant Moss that a promise given to the Peaky Blinders means nothing. Grace discovers that the Shelby family hide their contraband at moorings and junctions. Campbell searches them for the stolen guns, but find only cigarettes and whiskey.

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Later, Grace learns that Ada is giving birth to Freddie's son and tells Inspector Campbell, who raids the Shelby home and takes Freddie away. Thomas tells Inspector Campbell about an Irish man, Malacki Byrne , who is trying to buy the guns from him. He makes a deal that he can give Byrne to the police if the Inspector helps him with it. At the meeting in The Garrison Pub , Campbell has the police take their time coming to Thomas's aid, who is almost killed. Later, Grace meets with Inspector Campbell and tells him where she believes the guns are hidden, in exchange for promising that he will not harm Thomas.

Inspector Campbell finds the stolen machine guns, all except one, in Danny Whizz-Bang 's grave, as Grace had said. Considering the operation over, Grace officially resigns. To her shock, Campbell proposes to her.

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Grace kindly declines the proposal and Campbell angrily realizes that it is because of Grace's feelings for Thomas. Inspector Campbell gathers up the policemen and raids The Garrison Pub looking for Thomas, but when Campbell finds out that Thomas has escaped with Grace, he calls off the mission.

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Campbell visits outside of Grace's home and sees from the window that she is with Thomas and leaves. Afterwards, Thomas learns that Campbell is at Mr.

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Campbell retorts, saying that Thomas's heart will be broken by the time the day is over. As the Peaky Blinders and Billy Kimber's men converge for a gang war, Inspector Campbell ensures that the area will be free of policemen so the two gangs can hopefully kill each other. In the end, Inspector Campbell follows Grace to the train station and points a gun at her. It is later revealed that Grace survived her confrontation with Campbell, by shooting him through her handbag in the leg. He also walks with a wolf-headed cane due to Grace's bullet in the leg. Later, Campbell visits Thomas in hospital, aware that he killed Eamonn Duggan , a fact he intends to hold over Thomas to use him as an assassin.

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