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Where is it? Why visit it?

Your Guide to Visiting Sukhothai, Thailand – Best Temples, Markets & More

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A must see - Sukhothai Historical Park

Map of Sukhothai My experience. This park is located km north of Bangkok, near New Sukhothai city. Here is located one of the most important archaeological site in Thailand. If you want to go an special day, you should visit the park during the Loy Krathong Festival , those days coincide with the first full moon of November. The main attraction of Sukhothai are the ruins although you can also visit a few museums, a temple and others places in the province:.

Sukhothai Historical Park. This area is divided in 3 zones, every each costs THB. The opening hours depends of the source that you check, on March 26 the schedule was from Sunday to Friday [6 am — 6pm] and Saturday [6 am — 9pm]. The most important ruins are you can see the location on the map :. The cheapest and most enjoyable way is by bike , renting one costs about 50 THB. Ramkhamhaeng National Museum. You could just go on a day-long hike around the park and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. There are waterfalls here too, one of them is called the Rainbow Waterfall and it is beautiful in the sunlight.

But there is more than this park than just its natural aspect. It has so much history hidden inside as well. It is located right inside Ramkhamhaeng National Park and is a cave temple which is how it differs from the ruins of its counterparts in Sukhothai National Park. It still remains an active meditation monastery and you will find beautiful art and architecture as well as remnants of history here. You can reach this temple as well as the broader Ramkhamhaeng National Park through the Sukhothai National Park or from outside by the road. Hiring transport from junctions nearby like Khiri Mat will cost you Baht but there is no admission fee for the park itself.

Up next on our list is a monument dedicated to this king and it is something special. The attraction is open every day from am to pm and you can explore by tram, bicycle or a hired vehicle. The admission fee is 40 Baht. Ramkhamhaeng was the most famous ruler of Sukhothai and the monument is basically a statue dedicated to him. He was not the founder of the kingdom, but he is regarded as the most influential.

In fact, it was he who shaped the Thai alphabet into what is in use today, all the way back in the late 13th century. The statue itself depicts the king sitting on a throne with the Sword of Victory symbolizing state by his side. The entire thing was put together in Every year a Ramkhamhaeng festival is held at the monument on January 17, if you are planning your visit around that time of year.

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The Sukhothai Clock Tower is a vibrant tourist attraction in New Sukhothai, a change from the ancient temples and ruins. It is a stunning piece of architecture, an intricate and ornate tower with a clock face on the sides.

It puts on a show at night with lights and is famous for being photographed at the center of a canopy of colorful paper flags during the day. The nightlife here is what makes it interesting. With all the colors, people gather here to have a good time at a night out. There is a festival held here in celebration of the Thai New Year called Songkran, and locals come out here to join in. Locals and tourists, people of all ages celebrate together. Find some time and dance in the lasers and lights on Charodwithitong road.

Located in New Sukhothai, the museum is open on weekdays from 8am to 5pm. If you want to reach there by means of the local transport tuk-tuk, it will cost you around Baht. The admission fee to be paid upon entry is Baht for tourists. The museum is relatively small, but it manages to excellently exhibit what is important: the pottery. So this is a private museum housing the most comprehensive collection of the ceramics and porcelain of Sukhothai.

Traditionally, ceramics has been the principal export of ancient Sukhothai. Here you will be able to see not only ancient local pottery but also artifacts from outside like China and Vietnam because they were so adept at trade even then. Not only useful everyday objects though. There is an entire floor dedicated to non-utilitarian pieces meant to be art. This includes some rare ceramic statues of Buddha. The Sukhothai rice noodles, known natively as Kuaytiao Sukhothai are a special kind of rice noodles that are served both dry and with soup.

It might have been a cultural byproduct of their trade relations with China. The broth is very meaty and is usually served with pork slices. It tastes spicy yet sour, but every local restaurant in the region has its own take on it. The meat can also sometimes be chicken, and the soup also includes some greens.

Crucial ingredients that make the dish include lemon or lime juice, and sometimes peanuts.

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Do try out this dish, preferably in Sukhothai even though it is often available elsewhere in Thailand, and do it just because. Signature dishes of the places you visit really help you feel the new unfamiliar culture that surrounds you. Which is why this last pick is the signature local cuisine. You can have dinner at this restaurant on the bank of the Yom River.

Furthermore, they do also serve drinks. It is basically a type of local fish, pla, prepared in different ways with varying levels of spice.

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You can try the fish fried or dipped in sauces. If you have the stomach for it, go for the fish head. It is quite nice, having dinner with a drink on the bank of a river. Next off, you can also take a bike or motorbike and enjoy winding down for a while after an eventful day of exploration.

And you can fully enjoy or regret the experience of trying out new food with satisfaction. Firstly because of its rich culture and ancient history. There is so much that remains of that city and it is a humbling experience. Also exciting is the fact that Old Town and New Town are so different. The contrast is what makes it so interesting. Slightly out of the way, going there means a bit of an off-route journey, but a more than rewarding experience in the end.

Sukhothai is also quite considerate of your wallet. I mean, if you can afford to stay in a fancy hotel and want to hire a car to travel during your stay, go for it. The amenities are wonderful. By air, Bangkok Airways will drop you off at Sukhothai Airport. From there you can take a minibus to New Town for Baht per person. If you are arriving by train, you will have to get down at Phitsanulok which is 60km to the east of Sukhothai.

From here you will have to take a tuk-tuk and then take a bus to the main city. On the other hand, you can also take the bus between Old Town and New Town. In addition, bus fares range from 50 Baht to Baht depending on your distance of travel. Private transport can also be hired if you are prepared to splurge.

Sukhothai Thailand's INCREDIBLE! ancient City of Sukhothai (Ultra 4K)

The official website of Tourism Authority of Thailand. Sukhothai travel guide. Some important places. Basically, if you want to satisfy those wanderlust cravings and you have your intents set on Southeast Asia, Sukhothai would be a great choice. All the choices you have and all the things you can do here will surely not disappoint your adventurous soul.

Does this place or activity have parking? Thanks for helping! Share another experience before you go. More exciting ways to experience Sukhothai Historical Park. Quick View. Tak - Luxury Country Living. Thailand in 21 days 1. Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Bangkok 12 days.

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