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But this kind of stuff is in the wheelhouse of Rodriguez. The film has three things in particular going for it. The other is the charming performances by Salazar and Waltz, who develop a sweet daughter-father bond. The third is the performance-capture technology, which is a marvel, so much so, you forget Alita is a computer-generated character.

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Kudos to Salazar, too, for filling Alita with her heart and soul. Dana Barbuto may be reached at dbarbuto patriotledger. PG for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for some language.

Grade: B-. Digital access or digital and print delivery.


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They commit the sorts of graphic crimes that make empathy almost impossible. Some of your favorite villains were tortured for millions or even billions of years. It's often heartbreaking when you really stop and think about the lives of villains in comics. The saddest supervillain origin stories often begin before they had a chance to fight back. For many of them, crime was not a choice. It was their only identity. He tragically witnessed his family murdered before his eyes, a common trope amongst superheroes and supervillains alike. What sets this story apart however, is the number of times his family escaped death camp after death camp only to succumb to fatality in the end.

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Imagine how many pain stricken memories he buried with each victim. Magneto was again driven into a life of seclusion. Magneto's back story is unique because he experienced extreme prejudice both as a human and a mutant.

Supervillain Origins: Mr Glass

Either way, these experiments eventually drive young Jonathan into incurable madness. In every variation of the story, he is harassed relentlessly by family members and peers, yet he continues to maintain a kind and humble attitude. It is the insanity that turns him into Scarecrow in the end.

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