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More will follow. By the time this piece was published, who would be surprised if yet another government had bitten the dust. What about here in the US? That capitalism and democracy go together like love and marriage in that old song has been the imperial boast conveyed to the rest of the world by American banks and diplomats and presidents and Marines for a century—and more recently, by crony capitalist outfits like KBR and predator drones. Today, at home and abroad that particular gospel seems a sorry piece of hypocrisy.

Capitalism has become a synonym for—to use an old word on its way back just in time—plutocracy, not democracy. Anticipating Swift, we are already eating our own children or, at least, the futures available to them. My suggestion is to make the most of that reality.

When we assemble on January 16th, we should arrive as supplicants, bringing the deeds to our homes, if we still have them. We could come dressed as credit-default swaps or collateralized debt obligations. Use your imagination! And do you really need that mobile home or tent? Bring with you the paints, recorders, and stage props once used by art, music, and theater teachers, but made superfluous when their programs were cut by schools too poor to afford them.

Better yet: give back their college diplomas. If you can, cart along vats of heating oil or coal bins to symbolize the winter fuel that you can no longer afford. Thank god for global warming! Turn in your food stamps and unemployment insurance checks. If you happen to have a job, return it or tithe a portion of your wages or pension for the cause.

Give back your votes; they do you no good, but might placate The Street. After all, who is more endlessly ingenious when it comes to turning misery into money? What, for example, is a leg- or ear- or brainpan-derivative really worth on the open market?

And you can think of it as your contribution to solving the deficit dilemma, which keeps the 1 percent awake at night. But we, the partisans of OWS, are if nothing else a remarkably creative bunch. More important, it could put in the most graphic terms, where everyone could see it, a core indictment of a system in ruins and perhaps even hint at what might replace it.

Why pick a single day and a single place to symbolically immolate our own children and their children to come? Why not continue to occupy as many places as we can on all days?

The Golden Calf

We should! However, the simple epiphany that OWS allowed millions to experience was its blunt discovery that Wall Street, the world of financial mis-engineers and predatory speculators, was the taproot of our multiple dilemmas. For people around the globe, that street remains, at least symbolically, the site where our misbegotten Age of Austerity was born. So it makes continuing sense to persevere in pressing that singular insight, in pursuing a determination to confront a dysfunctional system where it originates. The geography of democracy is being transformed into an archipelago of isolation chambers.

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Then, of course, there is the resonant significance of the day itself. Martin Luther King was a lawbreaker for justice. I do suggest we exercise rights that are growing weak, and will grow weaker, if allowed to atrophy further. And I do suggest as well that we, like King, become the midwives of new law.

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If credit-default swaps and structured investment vehicles are legal, as they are, and if marching in the streets is becoming ever less so, as it is, then on January 16th we should begin to turn that kind of preposterous world upside down. What was lawful shall become criminal and what was denied to the people shall be taken by them and made good law. Such days were a more or less regular part of the calendar in biblical times and long after. It was the moment when common people were relieved of their crushing debts and the world was allowed to start over again.

Examples of golden calf Is it not time to stop raising the golden calf and the idol of glory for profit and look at people instead? From the Hansard archive.

Rearranging the Golden Calf

Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.

In celebrating the euro, are we not rather like the chosen people who, forgetting their destiny, began to worship the golden calf? From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English. I always thought they were miserly in using their gold, and that there is too much disposition even to-day to worship the golden calf. That is what we have come down to in years—back to the worship of the golden calf. At any rate he did not worship the golden calf. But this does not mean that free trade must be proclaimed to be the golden calf.

I must cast some doubt on the wonders of the golden calf of the free market.

Golden Calf

We have already proved that here was the golden egg—the golden calf —ready to be sold off. We must beware of erecting another golden calf , another overriding principle. There may not be a golden calf but there is a fatted calf for the prolific fields. Perhaps they are better paid, perhaps they are better organised, perhaps we as a nation are guilty in that we worship the golden car instead of the golden calf. The idolisation of fans reminded me of the story of the worship of the golden calf. From Wikipedia. He melted them and constructed the golden calf.

A golden calf is set up and offerings are brought, including self-sacrifices at the altar.

Sacrifice Yourself to the Golden Calf of Capitalism – Mother Jones

When he is chosen to be the model for the golden calf , he is in his glory until he discovers the consequences. He comes across people worshipping a golden calf. Aaron told them to bring him their gold earrings, and he cast them in a mold and made a molten golden calf. We must be careful that monopolies do not become the golden calves of this age to which we give uncritical worship. After seeking advice, the king made two golden calves. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

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