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Seven Steps to Inner Power

Eventually, this led to her becoming one of the highest-ranking martial artists in the world. Why is this important to you? Because she has taken the principles she used to accomplish this and so much more and shares them with us in this well-written and thought-out book.

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There are seven steps to inner power she shares along with practical exercises for each. The steps are: body and mind are one; truth; purity; love; loyalty; sacrifice; and patience.

Kim writes. Krysta Gibson is publisher of New Spirit Journal as well as an author, spiritual teacher, and mentor. Currently she is working with self-published authors to assist them in reaching a wide audience.

Seven Steps to Inner Power: How to Break Through to Awesome

A remarkably timely and authentic guide to reaching new heights of happiness and achievement. Or do you put limits on who you can be and what you can achieve? In this compelling guide to fearless, creative living, Tae Yun Kim, a martial arts great grandmaster, shows that no matter what your age or background, culture or career, you don't have to settle for anything less than awesome in your life. She should know. Once abused, abandoned, and forbidden to pursue her passion to train in the martial arts, she broke through the ultimate glass ceiling to become one of the most highly ranked martial artists in the world today and the founder of her own school of martial arts aimed at overcoming limitations in every area of life.

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Tae Yun Kim reveals how you, too, can apply the secrets she teaches to break through every barrier to your own personal and professional goals. Her hard-earned experience along with a wisdom rooted in ancient martial arts tradition are the perfect combination to get you to rethink what is possible for you—and to reach for it with gusto.

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In this uniquely inspiring and down-to-earth guide, you will learn how to: Apply her seven power principles to bring the creative part of yourself out of hiding and into action with confidence Identify and overcome the real barriers to your happiness and fulfillment Create a strong future unhindered by the past, your environment, or your own self-criticism Free yourself from self-defeating ways of thinking with five mental habits to boost your determination and drive Align your thoughts and actions to seize control of the present moment, and much more Most importantly, Dr.

Kim's empowering tools, insights, and strategies will show you how to keep your power turned on at every twist and turn of your journey as you aim for awesome with unstoppable power, passion, and purpose.

🌟GRANDMASTER DR TAE YUN KIM: How to Discover Your Inner Power & Break through to Awesome! Taekwondo