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Time froze for almost a solid 10 seconds as all three of us stood there at the intersection of gross misunderstanding and hell breaking loose. He could hop in a car and leave.

Girlfriend Spanked for Nagging

What that incident taught me: 1 stay as far away from boys as possible in isolated parts of the house and 2 my mother was, is, and will always be the heaviest hitter I know. Some people joke about ruling with an iron fist. My mom really does.

I can tell my own daughter is entering that space where whoopings hurt her feelings more than her booty. How old is too old to get physically disciplined a la spanking? That would just be weird. How hard are you supposed to spank? Is it supposed to really hurt?

Hurts Me More Than You: Kendra’s Story

I gave a gentle test blow and nothing happened. Then I spanked a little bit harder and she kept on laughing. I felt like a fucking idiot. The creepiness of the whole enterprise is right there, out in the open. I took my daughter off my lap and tried to play nice. She laughed in my face, practically spitting into it. The anger bubbled up again and I could feel two shades of it. I was angry at my daughter for acting up, obviously.

But the far greater anger came from my own self-loathing.

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I was failing as a parent. I felt as if the whole world was watching me fuck up. That was the real source of anger--that feeling of incompetence, of such obvious, visible powerlessness. When I was single and saw parents losing it with their kids, I used to frown at them. But single people are pathetically naive. They have no idea.

College Spanking

When I was in middle school, they brought in a lady who had traveled to the South Pole to speak to us. She told us that, at one point during the trip, she became so cold and so desperate for food that she ate an entire stick of butter.

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The first is anticipation. A chilli eater knows their food is going to burn. They can enjoy the pain without being alarmed. It would be shocking, and clearly, a sign that something is very wrong.

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  6. If I went for a haircut, and the hairdresser suddenly wedged her fists in my shoulder, I would be shocked and a little nervous. And herein lies the key to enjoying pain: trust, and control.

    Ellee Gets Spanked

    I trust the masseur to keep my best interests at heart, and to stop anytime I want to stop. I may not control the massage itself, but I certainly control the experience. This same sense of trust and control is what makes sadomasochistic sex, the giving and receiving of pain, pleasurable — or, er, so I hear.

    And finally, the most important factor in distinguishing pleasure from pain is the absence of fear.