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But I remember being troubled by the idea that, just 30 minutes after meeting him for the first time, Dewani had asked a taxi driver to murder his wife. Either the man was unbelievably reckless or the whole thing was wildly implausible. It was one of the elements that made the story so compelling. Ballistics evidence seemed to suggest a struggle in the back seat of the taxi rather than a cold-blooded execution.

Two years later, Robert again highlighted inconsistencies in the case against Dewani, revealing he had not even reached his hotel in Cape Town at the time when he was alleged to have already met the taxi driver and paid him to murder his bride. Meanwhile, Clifford had a good deal of success in drawing attention to the flaws in the police investigation — even if his claims that Dewani had never been in a homosexual relationship were shown to be untrue. Ultimately, that made no difference; the case unravelled in a Cape Town court.

Dewani is a free man with a story to tell. Ironically, Clifford is in a jail cell with no opportunity to sell it. The Influence Formula. How to use PR to promote your charity. Online reputation management. PR tips for start-ups and businesses. The complete guide to managing your personal reputation. View a full range of our ebooks View full library. Explore About About We offer a multi-channel approach with experienced experts able to deliver real value.

Awards We are proud to have achieved recognition with a number of both Traditional and Integrated PR awards. After driving a short distance, Tongo was ejected from the taxi.

Murder of Anni Dewani

Shrien Dewani was robbed of his money, wallet, designer watch and mobile telephone, and after being driven for about 20 minutes, he was also ejected from the vehicle. Police later confirmed Anni's Giorgio Armani wristwatch, a white-gold and diamond bracelet, her handbag and her BlackBerry mobile telephone were missing, and assumed they were stolen. Anni Dewani's body was taken to a Cape Town hospital.

As a result of a palm print found on the abandoned taxi, Xolile Mngeni was arrested on Tuesday 16 November Mziwamadoda Qwabe was arrested at around on Thursday 18 November as a result of a tip-off from a trusted township informant. He described Shrien and Anni Dewani as victims. Monde Mbolombo was arrested in the early hours of Thursday 18 November as a result of Qwabe providing his name to the police. After initially denying involvement, Mbolombo made a recorded confession at , admitting arranging a hijacking and armed robbery operation.

The confession did not mention a planned murder or Shrien Dewani's involvement. Taxi driver Zola Tongo reported the hijacking to a police station in Gugulethu after he was ejected from the vehicle, and made a statement saying he was an unknowing victim. In South Africa, there was much media coverage of the case following the discovery of the body. With an economy reliant on tourism, tour operators reported an immediate drop in bookings as potential visitors became aware of the country's murder rate; on average, 46 per day. An episode of the BBC television documentary series Panorama in March reported that the original South African post-mortem report showed the bullet that killed Anni Dewani had passed through her left hand followed by her chest, and that the wound on her neck was an exit wound.

The report said the bullet left "an irregular gunshot exit wound", which suggested there had been a struggle. In particular it said the forensic evidence had not been collected properly and that it indicated an accidental shooting during a struggle rather than a deliberate killing. Mziwamadoda Qwabe [30] and Zola Tongo [14] were offered reduced sentences in exchange for guilty pleas and the promise of truthful testimony against Shrien Dewani and in other criminal proceedings related to the crime.

This plea deal was granted in accordance with Section of the Criminal Procedure Act. On 7 December , Zola Tongo appeared in the Western Cape High Court; in accordance with his plea deal under Section A of the Criminal Procedure Act, he pleaded guilty to the armed robbery, kidnapping and murder of Anni Dewani—crimes he alleged were committed at the behest of Shrien Dewani. Tongo was expected to give evidence in the trials of Mngeni and Qwabe in and Qwabe avoided trial by pleading guilty pursuant to a Section A plea deal. Tongo was not called as a witness at Mngeni's trial in As of January [update] , Tongo was serving his year sentence in Malmesbury Prison, [35] and will be eligible for release in In pre-trial hearings on 18 February at Wynberg Magistrates Court, counsel for Mziwamadoda Qwabe said the court was unable to provide a fair trial for his client.

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  8. Thabo Nogemane said, "I am instructed that some unknown police officer assaulted him by means of a big torch. He was hit all over his body. He said the statement was a suggestion put to him by the police.

    Shrien Dewani goes free after a trial doomed from day one | World news | The Guardian

    They already had the allegations so they told him: 'Just sign here'. I wouldn't refer to it as a confession, just a statement. In , Mngeni's lawyer Vusi Tshabalala said his client had been suffocated with a plastic bag before signing a statement admitting his involvement in the killing, further saying police resorted to "irregular methods" because of the pressure they were under to solve the high-profile case.

    Despite having admitted to his role in the robbery and kidnapping of Anni Dewani in a videotaped confession, Mngeni pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial, saying he had an alibi and was not at the scene of the crime. Justice Robert Henney ruled against Mngeni and said the confession was admissible.

    On 19 November , Mngeni was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in jail. The court accepted Mziwamadoda Qwabe's and Monde Mbolombo's version of events, according to which the crime was a contract killing. Mngeni was ruled to have been the person who shot Anni Dewani.

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    In July , it was confirmed that a medical parole application had been made for Mngeni, who was terminally ill with a brain tumour. Upon arrival he was arrested, charged and ordered to stand trial for allegedly arranging the murder of his wife. Dewani's trial began on 6 October Under cross examination, the key witnesses who alleged Dewani's involvement—Zola Tongo, Mziwamadoda Qwabe and Monde Mbolombo—contradicted their previous statements and each other on most of the key elements of the "murder for hire" story.

    Tongo and Mbolombo were found to have fabricated telephone calls and text messages that did not exist and refused to identify a fifth conspirator referred to in taped recordings.

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    Qwabe refused to explain to the court why Anni was driven into a residential area. The accused is found not guilty on this charge," said Judge Jeanette Traverso, having earlier questioned the reliability of the state's witnesses.

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    A stony-faced Dewani - who lost a three-year legal battle in Britain to avoid being extradited to and tried in South Africa - stood up and walked down the courtroom stairs toward the holding cells after the ruling. He is expected to be released and could fly home to Britain later on Monday.